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Events and News:

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The festival will return in 2017! Bookmark the festival page!


Poets @ Play
Sunday, October 16, 2016, 1pm-4pm
Edwin Markham House in History Park
1650 Senter Road, San José, CA 95112
Admission FREE
Free parking in the Staff/Volunteer lot on Phelan Avenue.
Please enter History Park from the Phelan Avenue side.

This time the focus is on the sensual or erotic side. What have you written, or would like to begin that day, that plays with images on the edge of our sexuality? Or can you bring a poem or two written by someone else that explores these areas? Please try to keep things at the suggestive or subtle level rather than the blatant (think PG to R rating, but not above). No words banned, but please, we do not want to encourage demeaning exploitation. This time we ask that no one under the age of 18 attends.

Questions? Call 408-368-0353
RSVP recommended but not required: poetsatplay@pcsj.org

The Markham House and map:



Poetry Readings @ Willow Glen Library

Third Thursday of Every Month
Thursday, October 20, 2016, 7:00pm
Feature: Vinod Narayan
open mic follows

Willow Glen Library
1157 Minnesota Avenue, San José, CA, 95125
(408) 808-3045 or (408) 266-1361
Free and open to the public

Vinod Narayan is a Poet from India and made the SF Bay Area his home since 2002. He started writing poetry in 2004 and have been continuing it since then both writing and performing them at events in the Bay Area. Vinod is also a Blogger, Video Podcaster and a Content Management Professional regularly blogging on poetry, movie reviews, articles and opinions on life and things that matter to life. Vinod's poetry range from personal poems to poems that address the theme of humanity, love, peace and surrealism. He also actively pens Haikus and Flash Fiction and converts poems to video poems on Youtube. For last two years he has taken up a 30 day challenge on the poetry month of April where he pens a new poem every day. This year he took up two projects, Penning a new poem every day as well as translating a poem by an international poet to his native language Malayalam. This has sparked his interest in translations. He has two collections of Poetry "Remembering Dad" and "Precious Wombs to Priceless Tombs". He is currently working on his third collection of poetry "Capturing Reflections". He lives in Niles, Fremont with his wife and two kids and runs his Content Company 'PenPositive' creating and managing content for companies He believes in the power of the Pen and quotes "The power of the pen is not in the color of the ink it spills; but the power of the word it spells."


Reading Series
Tuesday, November 8, 2016, 7:00pm
feature Red Wheelbarrow poets

open mic follows

at Works/San José
365 South Market Street
in downtown San José
doors open 6:30pm
$2 admission, no one turned away
Works is on the Market Street edge of the San Jose Convention Center,
just to the right of the parking garage entrance

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bios to come



VeteransWrite meeting
led by Nick Butterfield, Jeffrey Leonard, and Amy Meier
3rd Wednesday of each Month, 10am-1pm
(beginning in October)
SJSU Burdick Military History
Industrial Studies Bldg. Rm 239, near 9th and San Fernando Streets
Admission FREE

Poetry Center San Jose is offering a monthly writing group to veterans of any age, any military experience and to family members of veterans. All levels of writing experience from beginner to experienced are welcome.

Small group setting to a maximum of 12 participants. Emphasis on poetry including prose poems. Format includes examples, prompts and guidance given by facilitators, time provided to write individually, and for participants to read to group and receive group feedback if desired. Goal is to give voice to the experiences of veterans and family members. Subject matter is unrestricted.

ADVANCED REGISTRATION REQUIRED: Email to veteranswrite@yahoo.com, with your name, branch of service and dates of service, email address or phone number. Registration and questions left at this email address will receive a reply within a week.

Nick Butterfield served for 10 years in USN-R as a Hospital Corpsman. He was activated during Operation Desert Storm, and has worked in Family Practice as a Nurse Practitioner in a FQHC Community Clinic and with the Health Care for the Homeless Project for last 17 years. Nick has been writing poetry since he was 13 years old and has participated in the Willow Glen Poetry Project and other local venues since 1996. His poems have been in 4 anthologies and 2014 issue of Ceasura with poem entitled "PTSD."

Jeffrey Leonard served in the U.S. Army between 1966-1968. Drafted out of San Jose State, he trained as a 11C40, leaving the service as an E-5. He is a 12th generation descendant of men who have served in every major conflict dating back to pre-Revolutionary America. A survivor of the Vietnam Era, he is drawn to the stories of the returning soldiers and how their lives unfold after they remove the uniform. Writing--especially poetry--is a powerful tool that Jeffrey uses to express conflicting, mysterious, dark, and difficult thoughts and emotions. He has spent the last 30 years as an Elementary Educator.

Amy Meier has a life long interest in poetry and her work has been included in the 2011 anthology REMEMBERING: Poems Read at Willow Glen Books and 2009 Family Album Santa Clara County. She has been the featured reader at Stone Griffen Gallery Art and the Spoken Word, and TEN10 Gallery. Her poem American Dream received Honorable Mention in the 2015 Los Gatos Poetry Contest. She is a longtime member of Poetry Center San Jose and the Willow Glen Poetry Project. Amy has 30 years experience as an Occupational Health Manager and Rehabilitation Counselor. She has an MA in Counseling from Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL, an MA in Learning Disabilities from Northwestern University, Evanston, IL and a BA in English Literature from Washington University, St. Louis, MO.


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